What Singapore Business Visa Options Are Available?

As an investor, you are always looking forward to the advantages associated with the investment. On account of the advantages only, you can take the call as per the market dynamics and demand in any specific region. Singapore, a place where you can expect business to thrive, promises that to the investors. With the help of the Singapore Business Visa, any investor or business enthusiast can look forward to this place.

Why Singapore for Investment?

Here are a few of the reasons that will motivate you to undertake investment in Singapore.

Reason #1

The nation has been strategically located in Indian Ocean, so you can easily expect to connect with 3 billion customers. It is simple and profitable therefore to grow and develop as an investor in the nation.

Reason #2

With minimum indulgence of third parties, or also known as “red-tapism”, you can easily expect smooth functioning of the business and quick clearance of the papers and proposals.

Reason #3

Singapore flaunts its best tax system of the world with a 20% of maximum rate levied on an income above 320,000 Dollars. The corporate taxes have been fixed at 17% for the profits above 300,000 Dollars. In Singapore, you also find no capital gain tax. At the same time the VAT rates have been kept rather lower and most competitive in the world.

Reason #4

Singapore Business Visa Advisers

Singapore Business Visa Advisers

The open immigration policy for migrants means you can easily move as long as you have been an innovator or a high value investor.

Visas for Immigration to Singapore—Business Category


As a business investor, or an enthusiastic investor, you can always pick the Business Visa as the best gateway to live your dream. The EntrePass has always been the best of the kind and you can stay in Singapore for a period of 6 months under this visa. But, those wishful of getting the EntrePass Visa must have at least 50,000 Singapore Dollars. In the said sum, you can also include the angel investment as an investor.

Business Investor Visa

For high net-worth investors, to get the Singaporean resident, they will have to invest 2.5 million Singapore Dollars. But for getting the go ahead to move under this visa, it is mandatory that you have achieved 50 million Singapore Dollars in sales.

Incorporation Visa

Entrepreneurs of foreign origin can invest in the country and start their business with the help of the Incorporation Visa. If you have been planning for this visa, it is mandatory that you have hired the director from Singapore on a specific pay package or categorized as salary.

Business Visit Visa

Singapore Business Immigration Consultants

Singapore Business Immigration Consultants

Specific provision has been earmarked for a business visit to the destination. In this visa, you will be given the freedom to stay in the nation for a period starting from 30-90 days.

These are a few of Singapore Business Visas that you can avail for your business pursuits in the nation. For more updates on the visas, you can easily book immigration service online.

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Summary: Singapore is an excellent place for business and you will find that out why after reading this article. You will also learn about the visas that will help in the movement.

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